“THE PROTOCOL” for Penile Vibratory Therapy after Prostate Cancer Surgery or other treatments

It’s time to get religious with your Viberect

After Prostate cancer treatments, erections diminish for a period of time, which can last up to two years even with nerve sparing surgery or other options.

This is a stressful time, and most men are more worried about regaining urinary control than erections.  However, this is actually a crucial time to “rehab” your nerves and muscles, so you can recover both your urinary and  sexual function together, better, faster, and to maintain penile length.  Begin stimulating your nerves right away!

The following program is highly recommended by urologists and sexual health experts that have tested all other options, and find this program to help you regain “spontaneous erections”, free of needles, drugs, and pumps as soon as possible.  Multiple studies have shown great pro-erection benefits and randomized trials are currently underway.

Results do vary.  Some show response quicker, due to younger age (less than 60), good pre-treatment erections, and the expertise of your surgeon.   Viberect therapy lets your body heal itself by waking up the nerves every day, and let your sexual function to come back sooner.

 It is safe, completely physiological, painless, and very pleasurable. You will likely have great orgasms with each treatment and some erection as soon as you start.

Warning:  This protocol requires dedication and patience.  Effects are gradual, incremental, and not immediate.  But you will be very glad you did it.  We even recommend that you start using the Viberect before your prostate cancer treatment to fully experience the events that occur.

1.  Begin Therapy as soon as surgery or treatment, even two weeks before therapy

2.  Use the Viberect in relaxed sexual setting (sexual thoughts, erotic videos, etc.), in standing position (better blood flow to penis).  You must relax and just go deep in thoughts.  Go deep in sexual memories and reenactments.

3.  Have frequent sexual encounters with your spouse or partner. No erection is necessary to experience love and intimacy.   Integrate the Viberect and female vibrators for your partner.  This greatly amplifies your higher brain centers to help in your recovery.  Just do it, and do it often.  It’s scientific and proven to help enhance your recovery!

4.  Use the Viberect with empty bladder in the beginning of program.

5.  Use the Viberect every day (at least 3 times a week)  for 3-5 minutes (or until orgasm) for at least one year.

6.  If you use oral medications for penile rehab (Viagra, Cialis, Levitra), take them 30 minutes before Viberect stimulation for maximum benefit of the medications.  They compliment each other perfectly.

7.  If you plan to use the pump,  do not use the ring for at least 3 months.

8.  Do penile stretch exercises 30 days after surgery to strengthen rigidity muscles.

9.  Be patient, and continue Vibratory therapy.  It’s your best chance for spontaneous recovery.

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