The Ferticare Personal

The Ferticare Personal


Ferticare Personal – Complete Kit Comes with built-in rechargeable battery, no cords or wires are necessary. For safety, an indicator light on the vibrator tells you if you are applying too much pressure. Please call or email us for international shipping rates.

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Until recently, the only successful method for most men with spinal cord injuries to ejaculate usually involved hospitalized treatment. FertiCare Personal offers a better approach allowing men to achieve ejaculation in the privacy of their own home, when they choose to.

FertiCare personal vibrator was developed by Multicept, in cooperation with specialist at Rigshospitalet (the University Hospital of Copenhagen, Denmark), in order to remove human sexuality from the hospital’s control and place it with the individual, where it belongs.

This hand-held vibrator works by using a simple technique called Transcutaneous Mechanical Nerve Stimulation (TMNS). It is easy, and above all safe to use (FDA registered).

  • Reduces leg spasticity in the spinally injured
  • Improves cardio vascular strength
  • Non-invasive formula for sperm collection in your personal fertilization attempts.
  • Allows for 50% higher sperm motility than clinical procedures to induce ejaculation
  • Adjustable frequency AND amplitude, so you can find the setting which works best for you!
  • Helps treat ejaculatory dysfunction, urinary bladder dysfunction (detrusor hyperreflexia), male sexual dysfunction, and reduces spasticity in the lower extremities.
  • Useful for treating both male or female incontinence
  • Carefully developed to meet the accuracy standards specified by leading specialists (registered with the FDA).
  • Bring pleasure back into your life, and rekindle your lovers flame.