RiderMate Deluxe (Available US and Canada only)

RiderMate Deluxe (Available US and Canada only)


Features & Specifications:Low Carb Liner:

  • Liberator Shapes give you two surfaces to use because you’re going to want to wash the cover once in a while. The silky liners is just sweet to your skin and can really make a slide on the wild side

High Fiber:

  • Liberator Shapes are dressed in microfiber skins that clutch and cling. They’ll stay put on any carpet and they stack and stick where and when you set them. They wash up like a favorite pair of jeans, getting softer with each use.

Champagne Foam:

  • Here’s where the magic happens. Liberator calls it Champagne Foam because it’ll fill you with heady notions. Engineered to support bodies in motion.

Women with Disability:

  • Use one of the IntitmaeRider wedges for better support and positioning in bed too.


The RiderMate Deluxe is specially designed for the IntimateRider. The combination of the RiderMate Deluxe and the IntimateRider will provide many opportunities to arrive at new positions and improve sexual performance. Simply adjust the cushions for an array of new positions and angles. Women with a physical challenge can also use one of the wedges of the RiderMate Deluxe for better positioning and support in their beds too.