VALDIVIA® Female Therapeutic Clitoral Vibrator Now Available!


VALDIVIA® Female Therapeutic Clitoral Vibrator Now Available!

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Valdivia® is a female therapeutic clitoral vibrator; the strongest female clitoral vibrator ever made!

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Female sexual dysfunction can have a variety of causes and can manifest itself in different ways. Whatever its causes and symptoms, it is a condition that can rob women of one of life’s most intense pleasures. Some women do not achieve orgasm with conventional vibrators. Valdivia® has been proven to help women reach orgasm even when they have severe sexual dysfunction.

There is no reason to suffer in silence. Valdivia is available to help women restore their bodies and minds to full sexual health. The Valdivia® can help women live and love better!

Why is clitoral stimulation different?

The clitoris is one of the most sensitive sexual zones on the female body due to its high concentration of nerve endings. The Valdivia® Clitoris vibratory stimulation is easy to use and causes intense orgasms.

The Valdivia® includes the following parts:

(1) Valdivia Device in the color Pink
Two Applicator pads
Power supply- AC/DC adaptor Charger
Plastic Hard Case
User Manual
One Year Manufacturer’s Warranty (available for original purchaser only)
An additional (2) two year warranty can be purchased online separately within 6 months of device purchase.
Product Specifications:

Frequency Range : 70-110 Hz
Amplitude Range (peak to peak): 0.5 – 2.5 mm Variable
One Year warranty is included with purchase (valid for original owner only)
Made in the U.S.A.
This item is not returnable or refundable.
This device is for external use only !
Attention: All Valdivia® warranties, including the extended 2 year warranty and first year original warranty is not transferable to another individual or entity. This is a personal item and should not be resold to another person. Second hand items lose all warranties.