We support the right of men with disabilities such as spinal cord injury (SCI) or ejaculatory dysfunction to have children or enjoy a healthy sex life.

Towards that end, we collaborate with leading medical institutions in the research and development of non-invasive products to facilitate ejaculation and the treatment of male infertility, using penile vibratory stimulation – PVS (also designated TMNS – Transcutaneous Mechnical Nerve Stimulation).

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The Concept of Penile Vibratory Stimulation (PVS)

While maintaining a healthy sex life is important to many people, the ability to ejaculate is decreased after spinal cord injury. This is the primary cause of infertility in spinal cord injured men. The use of the vibration concept has proven effective in the treatment of infertility. While the technique is often performed initially in a clinical setting, it can also be performed at home – as is being done by more than a thousand men world-wide.

The Medical Explanation

To induce ejaculation by penile vibratory stimulation (PVS) requires an intact ejaculatory reflex arch to provide transmission of afferent stimuli from penis to the sacral, lumbar and lower thoracic segments of the spinal cord, and efferent stimuli from these segments to the ejaculatory organs. The above mentioned spinal cord segments will, even when isolated from the brain, respond to PVS.

Overcoming Sperm Quantity and Quality Problems

Another problem for spinal cord injured men who want children is a decrease in the quality and quantity of sperm. PVS combined with today’s assisted reproduction techniques improves prospects for SCI men and their partners.

Safe, Documented Effect

Unlike electroejaculation, penile vibratory stimulation is a non-invasive technique that requires no anaesthesia. Recent studies show that penile vibratory stimulation greatly increases the chances of successful ejaculation for men with spinal cord injury.

Ejaculation Rates of Better than 85%

While vibration techniques are not new, the ability to control parameters like frequency and amplitude to achieve ejaculation in the vast majority of SCI men is new.

According to recent clinical studies, the vibration method produced ejaculation rates of better than 80%

More specifically, by applying adequate vibration power, PVS has proven successful in more than 85% of spinal cord injured men with lesions above the T10 spinal cord level.

Patient Preferred

Spinal cord injured men who have used the method prefer PVS to other methods. Moreover, itis the only method that may be performed at home to achieve ejaculation – and in some cases – use self-insemination techiques for the partner to become pregnant.

Are There Any Risks?

There is a risk of autonomic dysreflexia, a rapid increase in blood pressure due to excessive activation of the autonomic nervous system in men with lesions above the T6 spinal cord level. Due to this risk, it is recommended that the technique be tried in the clinic first.

In most cases, autonomic dysreflexia can easily be prevented administrating 10-20 mg nifedipine (a calcium channel blocker) sublingually 10-15 minutes before applying vibration.

Always consult your physician for advice!