FertiCare Personal

The FertiCare Personal Vibrator is available by prescription only.


FERTICAREUPCLOSE.jpgFertiCare Personal Vibrator

  • Now there is a penile vibrator to assist men with spinal cord injuries!!!
  • FertiCare Personal improves the prospects of becoming fathers for men with spinal cord injury. And, it does so without taking away the human need for private intimacy, because it can be done at home. While other techniques are available, they must be performed in a clinical setting and are often expensive. If having children or enjoying intimate relationships are important priorities for you, consider Ferticare Personal. 


Battery Operated

  • Ferticare Personal comes with built-in rechargeable battery, no cords or wires are necessary. For safety, an indicator light on the vibrator tells you if you are applying too much pressure.

Adjustable Vibration Levels

  • Through research, it was discovered that a certain level of intensity optimized successful ejaculation in 85% of SCI men tested. This is the level we recommend. But since men are individual, FertiCare Personal has adjustable vibration levels. choose the setting that best works for you.




FDA Registration and CE Marking

  • FertiCare Personal is registered with the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and CE Marked in accordance with the MDD-directive (93/42/EC).

How It Works

  • The hand-held FertiCare personal works by employing vibration to stimulate the penis. It is easy to use in the privacy of your own home.


Ferticare vs other devices: Considerably higher range of frequency and amplitude

Ferticare vs other devices: Considerably higher range of frequency and amplitude


Product Specifications of the FertiCare Personal Vibrator

Amplitude Range (peak to valley) 1.0 – 3.5mm
Frequency 70  -110Hz
Adjustability of above parameters Full range by control
Type of motion Pulsatile
Attachments One (1) applicator
Size and weight 8″ in length; weight 10oz.
Battery power (at 100hz and 2.5mm) will last min. 20 minutes
Batteries rechargeable Ni-Cd-6/1.2V/0.35Ah
Charger, main voltage 100-120 / 200-240 volts


NOTE: returns of this product will require a 20% restocking fee.


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